Substitutions for Dummies

Hi all! It’s been a while, huh? I apologize for the delay between blog posts but finals ended, winter break hit and your girl needed some time to do… absolutely nothing. And honestly, other than working on an exciting new top-secret project that I’ll fill you guys in on soon- that’s exactly what I did 🙂

So, to quickly catch everyone up to speed, first let me tell you all, I’m still tired. Second, let me tell you all that the beginning of this semester signified the start of my senior year. That’s right people. SENIOR YEAR. I’ll be doing back flips off Rupp Arena’s stage in December with the wind in my hair, a possible stress induced twitch in my eye, and a diploma in my hand.

A. Diploma. In. My Hand.

*Pauses to romantically sob into palms*

Shoot. Okay. Anyway. This semester, I’m enrolled in an experimental foods course, which involves the chemical and physical investigation of foods and how different ingredients and substitutes affect their various qualities. After a mere three weeks into the school semester, this course has already proven to be one of my favorites, providing me with a surplus of interesting information that I know most could find helpful. All of this talking/typing/whatever leads me to the topic of this blog post, which was introduced to me on the first day of my new favorite class: ingredient substitutions!

Like me, I’m sure most people were never made aware of how easily healthy substitutions can be implemented into almost any given recipe. These little “tweaks” may not seem like much, but they can help reduce extra calorie and fat amounts and increase overall nutrition, all while preserving a recipe’s great taste.

Listed below is a table of ingredients commonly used in recipes, along with a healthy alternative given for each. I’m aware that some of these suggestions may be obvious and seem simple to some, but I hope this little fact sheet helps you keep in mind all of the small things you can do to make a tremendously positive impact on your diet and overall health.


See, eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard! The little steps count too, in bigger ways than you think! If by chance you can’t see because the font is so small because my computer is dumb, feel free to contact me if you would like a more legible copy sent to you.

Hope you guys can find these tips and tricks useful.

Til next time my friends (I promise I won’t fall asleep for a month this time),

❤ Mikayla

PS: sorry about the bacon thing.

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