My Story

Hi all! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Mikayla Cupp. I am 25 years young- raised and residing in sweet, little Lexington, Kentucky. I am currently a senior at the University of Kentucky, expected to graduate fall 2017 with a degree and interest in Dietetics and Human Nutrition. If I am not studying or working (shout out @LexTinRoof!), I enjoy writing, painting, taking naps with my giant dog, and beating the crap out of the daily diabolical Sudoku puzzle- don’t treimage1-4ad on me.

Since beginning my upper level program, my passion for the field of dietetics has grown increasingly every day. The significance of food and its many values, is a topic that will continue to severely impact our world, along with the people in it, for the rest of time. Personally, I cannot help but be completely fascinated by this subject and everything it entails. However, if you’ve ever known me, you would know that I haven’t always been thrilled about the importance of nutrition. Surprisingly, this passion is an exciting and new development in my life.

Growing up, the word “nutrition” had no relevant meaning or deep-seated roots embedding themselves into the bedrock of my life. The word “food”, however, has had my complete and total attention since I rolled up to the scene in ’91.

You see, I like to eat. So much so, I have forever been placed in a special subcategory of Girl formally known as, “the hungry girl”. There’s also, “the girl who can eat”, “big hungry”,
or my personal favorite, “the scary human being with no regard for table mannerisms”- thanks, Dad. 

Even if you are a common acquaintance, you have most likely witnessed my ridiculous (sometimes just plain sad) love affair with food- some luckier than others. To those of you who were forced to witness the McRib incident of 2010- my sincere apologies.

I have always been obnoxiously hungry, but the part that seems to captivate most about my eating habits is the fact that I am, and have always been, obnoxiously skinny as well. From my preteen years all the way to present day, people have been astounded by my (lack of) natural weight. In the 6th grade, I weighed close to 70 lbs, while most of my peers were close to hitting weight in the hundreds. I was rigorously teased through the entirety of middle school, ‘anorexic’ being the accusation that seemed to torment me the most.

Everyday I thought, I need to do something. I need to gain weight. 

So that’s where the (tragic) love affair began. I began eating large amounts of unhealthy foods in order to pack on some pounds in attempts to appear “normal”. I didn’t exercise because I didn’t want to lose any more weight and I made sure to stuff my face in front of everyone who teased me. Although I never seemed to gain the weight I was hoping for (God bless my metabolism), somewhere along the path of my personal demise, I lost track of the importance of my health. These negative lifestyle habits eventually stuck and this phase lasted all the way into my twenties. It wasn’t until a recent doctor’s visit, during which I was notified of my abnormal blood sugar levels, that I began to recall the seriousness of my well-being. This news shook me to my core, and because I have a family history of diabetes, I knew drastic changes were in order.

The next day, I woke up hungry, but for something different (see what I did there?). I was hungry for knowledge and information. I was hungry for a better quality of life. A fire for this field had sparked in me, and that is when I decided to return to school to pursue my degree and future career in dietetics. Throughout this pursuit, I have been able to pave a pathway to a healthier life, and I can only hope my journey allows me to do the same for others one day.

Everybody has their own, personal journey having to do with food, eating habits, or body image- some good, some bad. This is why I strongly believe that the general population is also, in some way, hungry for nutritional knowledge.

We all struggle with these issues on a daily basis, myself included. Please don’t let my new lifestyle and interests fool you. I’m still really hungry. All the time. And I’m still a human that makes A LOT of mistakes. But I believe the more knowledge I gain, the easier and more fulfilling this journey is going to get.

My hopes for this blog include the ability to share, as well as, shed light on some of the helpful nutritional information I will be learning throughout the next couple of years. Information will regard nutritional topics of interests, recipes, as well as fun facts & advice. I  hope that you are able to take this information and use it to positively impact your life, in such significant ways that it has impacted mine.

Love you all & thanks for reading! Go Cats!

❤ Mikayla